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Clean That Pool Tile cleans scale and calcium with safe Eco friendly  MaxxStrip, in Tucson. MaxxStrip, a soda blast media, which is harder than the scale and calcium build up, knocks off the softer scale and calcium, bounces off the harder tile before settling to the bottom of the pool for removal with the Clean That Pool Tile media extraction system. Following the tile cleaning, the pool's water will hold the blasted calcium in suspension and may appear cloudy. The pool's filter will effectively filter the calcium with in the first 24 hours. The ph of the pool will not change.


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Measure your pool's perimeter, determine the severity of the scale build up, and refer to the pricing chart. Typically, the cost will be between three to four dollars per linear foot, when a pool has been properly maintained.


Extreme calcium buildup occurs when too many chemicals have been used, or when calcium silicate is on the pool tiles. Chemical build is fluffy white, very hard and projects out out from the tile. Calcium silicate has a greyish-white icy look and is very dense.



No Tile Damage

Clean That Pool Tile uses wet blasting used to remove scale and calcium buildup from pool tile in Tucson, Arizona. Water is used to propel the blast media, rather than air. MaxxStrip (Magnesium Sulphate / Kieserite) is a water-soluble, environmentally-friendly soda blast abrasive.


Clean That Pool Tile does not use glass bead, as glass beads damage tile. With one lapse in concentration glass beads can remove the tiles glaze, light or remove color or even pit the tile.



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