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It looks really good. Wow!  it looks really good. You have my cell number. Use me as a reference.


Clean pool tile with safe eco friendly scale and calcium removal with Maxxstrip in Tucson

Professional pool tile and fountain cleaning using water blasting with eco friendly Maxxstrip blast media for scale and calcium removal in Tucson, Arizona. Maxxstrip pool tile formula, kieserite or magnesium sulphate, an inorganic salt that does not damage tile and brings pool tile back to like new condition, eliminating the need for pool repair and tile replacement.


We specialize in removing scale from pool tiles. Wet soda blasting with Maxxstrip is used to safely remove ugly scale. The process takes between three and four hours with our client's pools ready for use the same day. our goal is to make sure our customers are happy with all aspects of our work; promising clean tile, fast and courteous service, that is always provided at the most reasonable price in the Tucson area. Please call us for a free estimate.


Maxxstrip pool tile cleaning formula (pf-2) is specially formulated for cleaning swimming pool tiles to safely clean dirty grout and remove calcium, oily residue, mold or algae.


Fountain and pool tile cleaning with abrasive blasting is a safe and effective technique for removing calcium and scale deposits. Unlike other pool tile cleaning methods which involve dangerous chemicals, the results are faster and cleanup is much easier. And, it's safe to swim as soon as you finish!



Mike, thanks for cleaning up my tile! i plan to have you back in about a year, or so, to keep that ugly calcium at bay!


CleanThatPoolTile will make your pool tile bright and shiny.


My wife cannot believe how good it looks.


Mike does quality work, and is very concerned with the work he does. Overall Rating: 10


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