Does my pool have to be drained?



No, we will remove only a small amount of water in order to expose the surface to be cleaned - generally 3 to 6 inches.



How long does it take?



It all depends on the size of the job, typical a little under four hours. More time is needed for heavier cleaning, and water features and we will gladly spend the time to do so.



Will this hurt my Filter or Pump?



No, We will clean out as much of the media as possible. Sometimes a tiny amount may settle after the tile cleaning process and will not damage your pools cleaning system.



Why is the water cloudy, when you finish?



Two things can cause this: First, much of the calcium and buildup we remove during our process ends up suspended the water. While we vacuum extensively to remove the media from your pool there are microscopic particles of calcium, and tiny amounts of media temporarily suspended in the water. Running your filter overnight will help clear it right up. Second, depending on your water chemistry (its density & ability to suspend material) it may or may not be cloudy at all when we finish.



What type of blasting and cleaning media will you use?



It all depends on the surface to be cleaned, and the deposits to be removed. We will use the least abrasive media and process that will do the job on your surface



Technique that I use via Maxxstrip

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